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Dan Meyer
Chief Production Lead and Designer

We Are SKYMO Design

Welcome to SKYMO Design. We are a full service design agency in Kansas City, Missouri that focuses on eliminating digital obstacles that small businesses face in the modern business culture.

Our services are nationwide and we provide small business and startup launch assistance with web, video, social media and on-demand technology assistance. We partner with you to get things done and keep your business growing.

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About the Owner

Dan is a seasoned, award-winning business professional and former filmmaker who began his creative journey playing guitar as young boy. He soon started a band with his cousin, an artist and sculptor, while both pursued their professional careers. Upon discovering their passion for filmmaking, their creative outlet transformed from stage to screen. It was while filmmaking Dan found his love in video production and motion graphics, and the power of this media to provide more than entertainment. Throughout his professional business career, Dan finds ways to infuse into the corporate grind his light of creative thinking into everything he does.

Dan’s creative business technique is a marriage of fluidity and insight. He is illustratively driven, intuitive and loves his work. He brings a passionate, authentic demeanor and heart-centered approach to his profession - one he started and sustains to make the world a better place. He pairs tailored thoughtfulness with seasoned technical skills to elevate any team he joins in unexpected ways. Dan offers an inspired curiosity of what’s possible unbound by the restraints of requirements to find its greatest uncovered potential. He believes all industries are truly built on relationships and values working collaboratively with many toward a shared purpose.

Today, Dan and his SKYMO Design agency partners with a variety of clients such as small businesses, advertisers, video production houses, filmmakers, local bands, non-profit organizations as well as corporations. Projects vary widely in scope and budget and include web design, marketing and short to feature-length pieces with an emphasis on documentary, training, and global humanitarian improvement.

Dan invests in future generations by problem solving, mentoring, blogging, vlogging, and teaching to cultivate the legacy of media, which when in the right hands, he believes is the most powerful influencer of positive change on earth.

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